What to expect coming to Festinord 2023?

The Helsinki Festinord will be a new twist to an old familiar taste. It’s time to shake things up a little bit and simplify the event so that the YSAs have more time to meet and socialize together. The conference venues are the key in simplifying the event as the FIN2022 committee has been instructed. It’s time to lift the YSA from floors to beds. 

We want to make the Festinord a memorable experience for the YSA. We have gathered feedback from previous Festinord from all over the Nordic countries and will implement that to the main activities. We want to bring the "fest" back to Festinord. 

The week is full of activities and events which will strengthen you spiritually, mentally and physically. There will be unforgettable moments and after the week, you will have memories to last a lifetime. That’s the Festinord promise!