Themes for dances

Day 1 dance: Come as you are! Let’s break the ice and socialize/party in the hotel. More info coming later.

Day 2 chill night: Today, we need to take it easy. We don’t want to ruin the calm atmosphere provided by the temple day. Maybe a picnic in the nearby park, games or some other fun activities. More info coming later. 

Day 3 cocktail party: Wait, what?! The Gala is already on Thursday? Yeah, it’s time to shake things up a bit. Guys, shine your shoes and ladies put on your best dresses and enjoy the Cocktail party in the vicinity of the idyllic Helsinki harbor. More info coming later.

Day 4 Beach Party & “Second Chance”: Okay, I get it now. I don’t have to worry about the gala night too much since it’s already on Thursday. Nice! We’ll have a nice beach party to top the week. There will be a live band entertaining us and DJs bringing their A-game. Fireworks? Perhaps, still under investigation. More info coming later.