The first Festinord was in the summer of 1966 in Gubbängen, Stockholm, Sweden. Back then Festinord was for young people from the ages 14 and up but was later changed to age 18. From 1966 to 1970 ages 14 and up were apart of Festinord. From 1971 it was changed to 15 years old then in 1973 the age range was changed to 16 years old and up. Please contribute with what you know about Festinord. You reach us at john.wennerlund(@) Thank you!
YearFestinord by Stake
2031Malmö, Sweden
2030Oslo Stake, Norway
2029Stockholm South Stake, Sweden
2028Stockholm Stake, Sweden
2027Århus Stake, Denmark 60th Anniversary
2026Tampere, Finland
2025Drammen Stake Norway
2024Göteborg Stake, Sweden
2023Copenhagen Stake, Denmark
2022Helsinki, Helsinki Stake, Finland
2021Helsinki, Helsinki Stake, Finland Not held, Covid-19
2020Helsinki, Helsinki Stake, Finland Not held, Covid-19
2019Malmö Stake, Sweden 
2018Oslo Stake, Norway
2017Stockholm South Stake, Sweden
2016Haninge, Stockholm Stake, Sweden (50 years anniversary)
2015Randers, Aarhus stake, Denmark
2014Naantali, Tampere stake, Finland
2013Alingsås, Göteborg stake, Sweden
2012Farum, Copenhagen stake, Denmark
2011Nyköping, Stockholm south stake, Sweden
2010Lohja, Helsinki stake, Finland
2009Aarhus, Denmark
2008Jönköping, Göteborg stake, Sweden
2007Porsgrunn, Oslo stake, Norway
2006Enköping, Stockholm stake, Sweden
2005Hedensted, Aarhus stake, Denmark
2004Aitoo, Tampere stake Finland
2003Moss, Norway
2002Gräna, Göteborg stake, Sweden
2001Copenhagen stake, Denmark
2000Nurmijärvi, Helsinki stake, Finland
1999Drammen, Norway
1998Nynäshamn, Stockholm stake Sweden
1997Fredrikshavn, Denmark
1996Åbo (Turku), Finland
1995Oslo, Norway
1994Alingsås, Gutheburg stake Sweden
1993Hornbaek, Denmark
1991Aalborg, Denmark
1989Södertälje, Stockholm stake Sweden
1988Copenhagen, Denmark
1987Göteborg, Sweden 
1986Lund, Malmö stake, Sweden 
1985Helsingfors, Finland 
1984Copenhagen, Denmark
1983 Not held
1982 Not held
1981Helsinki, Finland. Last year with YM&YW
1980Not held
1979Alingsås, Göteborg stake, Sweden
1978Not held
1977Skien, Norway
1976Not held
1975Aalborg, Denmark
1974Not held
1973Borlänge, Sweden
1972Not held
1971Skien, Norway
1970Aalborg, Denmark
1969Borlänge, Sweden
1968Oslo Norway
1967Copenhagen, Denmark
1966Stockholm, Sweden