We have the opportunity to use the Eskilstuna River for a Dragon Boat Competition. A thrilling, unique and fun activity that everyone can participate in. It is also great fun to watch.

The “Canoe/boat” takes up to 12 people plus 1 drummer. The job of the drummer is to keep the right pace/rhythm, the job of the paddlers is to work as a team and paddle in the same rhythm as the drummer. We compete on a stretch of about 200 meters. The key to success is working together and getting in the right rhythm/flow.

Get a theme together of up to 12 people plus a drummer. It can be National Teams or just a group of friends. We think it would be great if we could get some good National Teams together as well a other groups, so start preparing already now.

Can Norway beat Sweden? or can the US “be great again”. The team registrations need to be in by 12:00 on Wednesday morning and all teams must be ready and in place by 14:30 when the competition starts. A good idea is to practise the paddling and rhythm on land so that you all are prepared when you get in the boats.

This is a unique opportunity, so make sure you are part of a Team and join the fun.

It will be held on the river in the Town center so we expect raving fans and curious spectators.