We are setting up Swedens longest inflatable obstacle course, 220 meters long. Most of you can probably do all the obstacles but the challenge is enduring to the end, but remember the Theme of the conference. “Never give up”.

In addition to the obstacles we have prepared thousands of water balloons for the other teams to get you out of balance.

We are competing in 3 different categories.

• Individual. Who will get through the obstacle course with the best time. Prices for best male and female.
• Relay Team. We divide the course into 4 segments. Get a team together with 4 people. Male team, female team or mix team (2 females and 2 males)
• Group or National Team. Teams of 4 people, everyone runs the the track themselves, the team with the lowest combine time wins. Teams are male, female or mix (2 females and 2 males)

All teams must be registered by 09:00 on Friday morning and ready to start when the competition starts at 10:00.

You will run head to head with your competitors, a thrilling and fun activity that everyone must try.