Welcome to the Black and white ball

Bring your best behavior and most wicked moves for a bombastic black and white bonanza!

Beautiful babes and well-dressed winners will waltz, wiggle and boogie-woogie to the beats of bouncing breakdance, battling bongos, and buzzing Barry White.

Bring your best buddies; bald, bearded, bewigged or well coiffed, for an evening of banter, babble and winking.

Bless and brighten the believers in a bunch where you belong, and let others witness your brave and bountiful weirdness and wit.

Bypass the blues by blending with blue-blooded besties and working wingmen alike.

Break out the bling and bedazzle your bejeweled bros!

Dress code: black and/or white (no wedding dresses – we don’t need no blushing brides!)

What are you waiting for? Bite the bullet and be wowed by bellylicious burgers (or better?), billions of balloons, and a black and white wonderland.

Check mate!

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