Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find answers to almost every question you may have concerning Festinord.

Before you register please read through the whole FAQ

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What is Festinord

Festinord started 1966 and means "Party in the North". It is an annual conference for Young Single Adults (ages 18 through 30) held in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland for the Nordic countries.

At Festinord we meet old and new friends, we grow spiritually and intellectually, we have fun together in playing sports and other activites, and in the evenings are filled with music and dancing.

The conference is organized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and most people that attend are members of the church although this is not a requirement. Everyeone between the ages mentioned above, and who have agree to live by our standards (see Code of Conduct) during the event are welcome.

Code of Conduct

Q: What to do with the Code of Conduct?
A: You need to agree to follow this at Festinord. You will later recieve an email with a Code of Conduct. Be interviewed by your Bishop and have him sign it. Bring the signed Code of Conduct to Festinord in either digital or printed form.

Q: Where do I find the Code of Conduct? 
A: The Code of Conduct was attachged to your confirmation email. You can also find it here

Prices & Registration

Q: What are the requirements for attending Festinord?
A: You need to be 18-30 years of age. You are not allowed to participate if you are 31 or older when Festinord starts or if you are still 17 by the last day of Festinord. You also need to agree to follow the Code of Conduct as well as register and pay.

Q: When is the absolute last registration day?
A: Last day for registration is Sunday June 4th 23:55. 

Q: How do I register?
A: Fill out the registration form and pay through Paypal. It´s important that you use your real name and state your permanent residence. If you are a member of the church write the Stake where your membership record is located.

Q: How do I pay?
A: After you have filled out the form and have clicked "Proceed to payment" you will be transferd to PayPal for payment. You don't need to open a new account if you don't have one, but you will need a credit or debit card. If you do not recieve a confirmation e-mail or find yourself on the list of participants you are not registred. 

Q: I don't have a PayPal account?
A: When directed to the PayPal website you can choose to pay with credit/debit-card without having to register for an account.

Q: What is the price for Festinord?
A: For participants from the Nordic countries the price for the entire Festinord is 1450 SEK. If you can't stay the entire week; the price for single days is ~400 SEK per day. 
For participants from the Baltic countries the price for the entire Festinord is 1550 SEK. If you can't stay the entire week; the price for single days is ~400 SEK per day.
For participants from all other countries the price for the entire Festinord is 1650 SEK. If you can't stay the entire week; the price for single days is ~400 SEK per day.
The price for single evenings (Tuesday-Thursday) is 100 SEK.
The price for the Friday Gala evening is 300 SEK, incl. dinner.

From June 4th until June 11th at midnight CET the price will be 1750 SEK. From June 12th the price will increase the following days until maximum capacity of 800 participants is filled. Our goal is to reach full capacity before June 12th, help us reach our goal! :-) 
12 June: 1900 SEK
19 June: 2000 SEK
26 June: 2100 SEK
03 July: 2200 SEK
10 July: 2300 SEK
17 July: 2400 SEK
24 July: 2500 SEK 

If you for some reason show up to Festinord but have not registered before hand the price to pay is 2500 SEK for the week, and food can not be guaranteed.

Q: I only want to come in the evenings, how much do I pay and how?
A: The price for an evening is 150 SEK, except Friday evening which cost 350 SEK. You pay when you arrive at Festinord, at the information desk. We will accept payments by card and cash.

Q: Why was the original price different, between the Nordic countries, Baltic and other countries?
A: The church leadership in Europe has given this directive. 

Q: Why is there a division of available particpant spots between the countries?
A: This can be changed over time but we needed to make some kind of division since there are three registration groups. The total number of spots available for Festinord this year is 800. We have a slight majority "reserved" for Nordic participants and the rest for Baltics and other countries.

Q: Can I have my money back if I'm not able to attend Festinord? 
A: Registration is non-reimbursable but you can sell your ticket to a friend. If you do this you need to contact us and the new person need to give us the following information: name, email, birthdate, gender, country, stake, allergies, and that they will bring their code of conduct.

Q: Why do I need to upload a photo when registering?
A: The photos will be used in a digital presentation at the opening ceremony. Please submit a photo, it will make the people in charge of the opening ceremony very happy:)

Q: How many participants will be the capacity limit for Festinord this year?
A: 800. Disclaimer: Final day for registration is Sunday June 4th. If the number of participants reaches full capacity before this date we will close registration early starting with Other countries, then Baltic and finally Nordic countries. If total signed up for some reason exceeds full capacity we will need to cancel some registered participants from Other countries, with full refund, going in order from last one signed up.

Festinord age limit

Q: Can I attend Festinord if I'm 17 or 31 years old?
A: Festinord is a Young Single Adult (YSA) event so if you turn 18 during Festinord you may attend. If you have turned 31 before Festinord begins you are unfortunately not able to attend:(


Q: Would be possible to arrive on Monday?
A: Sorry but you can't arrive earlier than Tuesday.

Q: What are the sleeping arrangements?
A: We will be sleeping in classrooms at the school, S:t Eskils gymnasium. You will need to bring some type of mattress and sleeping bag or blanket. It will be possible to purchase airmatresses at Festinord. There is also a shopping area in down town Eskilstuna with a sporting goods store called Stadium 6 min walking distance from the Festinord location. 

Q: If I'm not sleeping or eating at the school do I still have to pay the full price?
A: Yes. If you choose not to sleep at the school or eat elsewhere you still need to pay the full price.

How to get there

Q: Where is Festinord and how do I get there?
A: Festinord will be held in Eskilstuna Sweden at a high school called S:t Eskils gymnasium. Directions on Google Maps 
    From Arlanda Airport (Gooble Maps)
rom Skavsta Airport (Google Maps)

The address is S:t Eskils gymnasium, Smedjegatan 3, 632 20 Eskilstuna, Sweden

Publication agreement


Q: When I register for Festinord what do I agree to regarding publication of material?
A: When you register for Festinord you agree that your submitted picture of you is shown in a digital video presentation at the opening ceremony. Also you agree that you might be in other pictures or videos taken during the Festinord week. 



Q: Will there be parking at Festinord?
A: No. We're sorry to say that there will be no free parking spaces in connection to the school we are staying at. There are streets and parking spaces to park on where it costs 12-16 SEK per hour, also 800-900 SEK/month. See more on the website: (You can use google translate on the website)