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Göteborg, Gothenburg – or even Mölndal

Festinord 2024 will be held in Sweden’s second largest city Gothenburg (Göteborg). Well, if we’re being completely honest it will technically be within the city boarders of Mölndal. But how many of you have heard of Mölndal? Right. And since Mölndal and Gothenburg are attached we’ll just stick to Gothenburg.

Fun facts about Gothenburg:

  • Known for its many cultural events
  • The largest port city in Scandinavia
  • Home of the largest amusement park in the nordic countries - Liseberg!
  • The natives are known for their dry humor and word play (a.k.a dad jokes): ”Singing in the shower is fun until you get soap in your mouth. Then it's a soap opera.”
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Quality Hotel The Weaver

This year the main part of the event will take place at Quality Hotel The Weaver! An Instagram friendly, 21 floors high hotel just a 20 minute commute from Gothenburg centralstation.

The hotel experience (room, food and activities) is of course included in the ticket – so leave your air mattresses, hair dryers and ironing boards at home and enjoy the luxury of a top quality hotel room. Forget the days of queuing to the public showers and bathrooms, crowded in front of small mirrors and no privacy. Talking about privacy – the elegant common areas are great not just for hanging out in groups but also with plenty of sit down areas for one on one conversations.

Discover more details on the hotel website >

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How to get there

Good places to know

If you forgot something at home or need to buy something extra you can find the following in just a 20 minute walk from the hotel: