Festinord this year will offer a spectrum of fun, entertaining and challenging sports.

Of course, we continue the grand tradition of the soccer tournament which always has taken place. Who will win this year? We welcome as many teams as possible and will play with 7 people on the field. Thursday, the 27th we’ll start the tournament and finish off with finals on Friday.

Also on Thursday, we’ll have a track and field set up for anyone who wants to participate and compete in various events. Events will be running throughout the day at different times, so stay tuned!

In the middle of the track and field we will also host a volleyball tournament, with a similar bracket setup as with soccer. Games will be played with teams of 5.

Sign up for the teams will be able to be done a couple of weeks prior to Festinord and during the first and second day of Festinord as well. So start already now to plan the teams! We look forward to a competitive and fun couple days together!