Rejoice in the Lord – Always

As we learn, have fun and party together, we also want to bring focus to our Lord Jesus Christ. Throughout the event, our ambition is that the theme will be reflected in all that we do. To help you get a better understanding and connect with the theme, you may use the suggested personal study below. ⬇️

bible pictures woman issue of blood


pictures of jesus with a child 1


jesus heals lame man 1


jesus woman taken in adultery

 Read, watch or listen to:

Ponder the following questions:

    • What does "Rejoice in the Lord – always" mean to me personally?
    • When have I rejoiced in the Lord
    • What can I change in my life in order to be able to always rejoice in the Lord?

Write down your thoughts and feelings, then act on the inspiration you have recieved.