We welcome you to attend a variety of workshops during Festinord. Times and locations for the workshops will appear later on on the coming mobile application. Down below we give you a short presentation of some of the speakers and their subjects. We look forward to meeting you at Festinord.


KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Johanna Davidsson

Johanna Davidsson, was nominated Mrs. Adventurer in 2016 for nothing less than her amazing feat of skiing solo all the way from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole.

Arriving on Christmas Eve, after almost 39 days and 1140 km, she reached the South Pole and thus won the female world record for fastest woman to ski to the South Pole. Upon reaching the South Pole, she filled up her sled with food and supplies and started her journey back to the coast again, this time with the help of the wind and usage of a kite.

She now tells her incredible story about the up’s and down’s of her journey and how she learned the vital lesson of “Never giving up”!

Johanna is our keynote speaker on Wednesday evening. Her topic that night is “Never Give Up”.

She will also have a workshop on Thursday with the theme “Positive Thinking” where she will talk about other adventures she’s been on and her experiences there and how important Positive Thinking is in your life.

 Elder Bruce C. Hafen and Sister Marie K. Hafen

We are proud and honoured to be able to Welcome Elder and Siste Hafen to Festinord. We will be able to hear from them both on Wednesday in the workshop “Faith Is Not Blind” and on their keynote on Thursday evening on the subject “The Proclamation on the Family”.

Speakers: Elder Bruce C. Hafen and Sister Marie K. Hafen

Bruce Hafen grew up in St. George, Utah. After serving a mission to Germany, he met Marie Kartchner from Bountiful, Utah at BYU. They were married in 1964.

Elder Hafen received a bachelor’s degree from BYU and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Utah. After practicing law in Salt Lake City, he went to BYU as a member of the original faculty of BYU’s Law School. He taught family law and constitutional law.

He served as the President of BYU-Idaho from 1978 to 1985. Then he was Dean of the BYU Law School and later served as the Provost—the second in command--at BYU. He was called as a full-time General Authority in 1996, serving in area presidencies in Australia, North America, and Europe. He also served at Church headquarters as an adviser to the Priesthood Department, the general auxiliary presidencies, Church History, and the Temple Department. He became an Emeritus General Authority in 2010 then served as president of the St. George Temple. He is the author of several books on gospel topics, including the biography of Elder Neal A. Maxwell, and books on marriage, the temple, and the Atonement—including The Broken Heart and, more recently, The Contrite Spirit.

Marie K. Hafen is a homemaker and teacher. She has a Master’s Degree in English from BYU and has taught Shakespeare, freshman writing, and Book of Mormon at BYU-Idaho, the University of Utah, and BYU. She was also on the Young Women General Board, the Board of Directors of the Deseret News, and was matron of the St. George Temple. She has edited and co-authored books with her husband, including Covenant Hearts and The Belonging Heart.

The Hafens have seven children and 46 grandchildren.

 Elder Herland

Subject: The science of happiness
Learn the science of being happy. Information based upon research and science from internationally acclaimed universities as well as his own life in church, family and as a top leader in business.

Speaker: Elder Herland
Area authority seventy and successful business owner and consultant

 Harry Hedemark Subject: To be or not to be - an Entrepreneur.
Come and get some advice and suggestions from a Rich Dad Certified Instructor, helping you to become a successful Entrepreneur.

Speaker: Harry Hedemark
Successful serial entrepreneur and CFO consultant 

 Elder & Sister Pettit Subject: Talents, Strengths and succeeding in the workplace.
Having a hard time finding out what you want to do and how to best approach the workplace? This workshop will help you find your Strengths, talents and preferences but more importantly how to use this to succeed in the workplace and be the best you can be.

Subject: How to get a job your dream job in the 21 century job market.
Learn to to build a toolbox for a successful job search. “Nailing” the interview, “Measure-up” to the job description, presenting the best you in 30 sec or less and more.

Speaker: Elder and Sister Pettit
Self Reliance missionaries in Ireland and the Nordics. Careers in Business and Education.

 Örjan Subject: Your Personal brand, how does it matter?
We take a closer look at what a "personal brand" means and how you personal brand affects you and others. We will discuss why it is important for your temporal and spiritual growth. Welcome!

Speaker: Örjan Olsson
Örjan is serving as Councelor in the Stockholm South Stake presidency and professionally he works as General Manager for Universal Sony Pictures Home entertainment, Nordic & Baltics 

 Sarah Subject: You are what you eat
In the word of wisdom we learn that our body is our temple. With that in mind you might want to think about what you eat in order to honor and nourish your body, mind and soul. Learn more about clean eating and raw food in this tasty workshop

Speaker: Sarah Jerngren
A health coach and yoga influencer with a mission to inspire people to wellness. A fashionista that loves adventures, USA and her passion planner. She believes in the art of "following your bliss" and the good things to come..


Subject: Festinord 2017 Video Contest

Facilitators: Church Headquarters teams and YOU!

Have you ever been told you should be in movies? Do the names Spielberg, Bergman and Scorsese make you more excited than a teen at a Justin Bieber concert? Do you want to win an Oscar, but would settle for a really cool grand prize instead? Then this activity is for you!

Elder Bednar has taught that we need to “sweep the earth with messages filled with righteousness and truth,” and here at Festinord 2017, we’re starting with YouTube. It’s more than just making movies, though—it’s a competition! You’ll get a topic and challenge, then go off to make your video and upload it to YouTube. After that, it will be up to you & your friends to get the most views and compete with all other entries to see who can win the honor of being named the top video of Festinord 2017 (not to mention winning a really cool grand prize).


Subject: Share Goodness Using Your Language Super Powers 

Facilitators: Church Headquarters teams and YOU!

Did you know that just by using your language skills, you have the power to make a difference in a BIG way? Did you know that there are hundreds of amazing Church videos waiting to be watched, but people can’t find them because they’re only in English? Working in teams, you’ll help make inspirational videos findable and understandable on the Church’s YouTube channels. Bring your language super powers and see how easy it is to share gospel messages. Oh, did we mention you can expect fun, awards and other cool surprises


Subject: „To be tested is good. The challenged life may be the best therapist“ Gail Sheely
Some ways to use life´s challenges to make you better, not bitter. Challenges help us to become more self-reliant. Self-Reliance leads consequently to personal freedom and more happiness.

Speaker:  Günter Borcherding
I am working for the newly opened department in the Church called “SelfReliance Services“. After my mission to Swizerland I have studied Economics and have worked many years in different management positions including running a company.

In 2000 I gave up my management carrier in order to work for the church as S&I coordinator. My wife Ingrid and I are blessed with 4 married children and one grandchild. From 2006-2009 I have served as mission president in the Germany Berlin Mission. Currently I am serving as a Stake President in the Germany Hannover stake.