The conference programme has been put together by YSA. The FIN2022 committee has collected feedback from previous Festinords. The main focus is to bring YSAs together. The event will be unique and unforgettable. Festinord made by YSA for YSA!


For more details of the program, we have collected information to Festinord daily program pdf which you can download here!


Tuesday (Day 1) – Opening Day

Let’s meet and greet! We’ve all been waiting for this! The check-in to the hotel starts at 3pm, but we can utilize the time by playing chill games and exploring Helsinki. Day 1 is the key in setting the mood for the whole week. We will! The night is filled with good vibes, old and new friends and good music. The Grand Opening will start cashing in some of the expectations created!

Dress Code: Comes as you are. If you want, you can add something to your attire which highlights the colors of your country!


Festinord22 Programme Tue


Wednesday (Day 2) – Spiritual Strength

Let’s not wait until we can enjoy the spiritual stuff. The week is centered on Christ and Wednesday is all about that. Great speakers, the temple/service opportunities mixed with fun activities should be enough for the spiritual day. You can also continue to play games in the nearby park or even visit the beach. It's all up to you! We haven't partied in a long time, so we have decided that there is no need to skip the party on Day 2. 

Dress Code: Bring a white t-shirt that you can decorate with some UV-markers ;) 


Festinord22 Programme Wed 



Thursday (Day 3) – Mental Strength

The highly renowned speakers will address us in the morning devotionals and workshops. During the workshops you have the opportunity to choose from fun activities around Helsinki. Also, we might have a few tricks up our sleeves for the afternoon ;) Also, the cocktail party will be memorable. 

Dress Code: It's time to dress up for the cocktail party. 


Festinord22 Programme Thu  


Friday (Day 4) – Physical Strength

It’s time to get moving. We will be having a multitude of sport activities in nearby sport institute facilities. There will be something for everyone. You can try your best to beat the Finns in their own olympics, you can root your football team in the finals. Or you might just want to enjoy the lake and a sauna or take a tranquil walk in the nearby forest. Whatever works for you! Though save up some energy for the last party! 

Dress Code: It's a beach party, so socks and sandals ;)  

Festinord22 Programme Fri 



Saturday (Day 5) – Closing Day

It’s time to close another wonderful chapter in the Festinord saga. This has been something special. Something unforgettable. We want to remembers this for years to come. The Grande Finale will take place close by, where we will close the event with one last group picture! Time to give the last hugs, kisses & goodbyes


 Festinord22 Programme Sat


Day 5, Departure: It’s time to close another wonderful chapter in the Festinord saga. This has been something special. Something unforgettable. Let’s share the memories in the Grand Finale and let’s get on with the kiss & goodbye.